Full Stack Engineer



About Loci

Loci is a machine learning platform for tagging, searching, and creating any form of 3D content.

AI has an important role in assisting 3D content creation. Loci’s ML platform helps enterprise clients understand their 3D content at scale and create entirely new 3D content much faster.

Loci uses state-of-the-art computer vision and computer graphics methods to fill this gap and provide enterprise clients tools to automatically label their 3D content, search for existing 3D assets with high precision, and create new 3D assets from arbitrary text prompts.

Quick Summary

🎬 Loci is a machine learning platform for tagging, searching, and creating any form of 3D content.

📌 The role is full-time based in London (in Paddington) with flexible hours and work-from-home options.

🦄 You will be an integral part of our founding team. If the idea of building something beautiful from the ground up with a lean, deliberately paced team excites you, this could be a dream opportunity.

⚒ Coding Skills Required: High proficiency in TypeScript, React, Next.js

📕 Our Stack:

  • Front End - React + Next.js + TailwindCSS

  • Back End - Next.js API + Prisma + tRPC & FastAPI (Python) for Machine Learning API

  • State Management: Zustand

💶 Competitive salary & stock options plan.

🦄 We are backed by leading European VC funds.

About the Job

Your role would be to build out our client facing web app for our 3D asset search, automated 3D tagging and generative text-to-3D models products.

This includes:

  • Developing new user-facing features in React.js

  • Implementing reusable UI components

  • Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code

  • Database Schema Design (Prisma)

  • Building out APIs, and dataset queries for interacting with out database (Next.js API Routes + tRPC)

  • Optimizing components for maximum performance

  • Entirely fluent in Typescript and React (+ ideally Next.js). As a guide, this likely means 3 years+ of experience, but impressive projects are more important than years of experience for us.
  • Experience in deploying full-stack web applications (including database + backend). Overlap with our current stack is beneficial, but not required. You will take a leading role in helping us shape our stack to deliver our goals in the most effective way.
  • Some experience with AWS is a bonus (but not required)
  • Some experience with SQL is a bonus (but not required)
  • Flexible work-from-home (If you do your best work from home, then we will support this as much as possible)
  • Office home set up (budget to help you set up a second work station wherever you need it)
  • Unlimited sick days & no holiday limit (We are results-driven and want you to take as much time off as you need to enjoy your life and come into work feeling energized)